Skil-Care Forward & Lateral Leaning Wheelchair Accessories

Adjustable Lateral Support

  • Maximum support is provided by width adjustable side panels
  • Minimises lateral leaning in wheelchairs & most other chairs
  • Foam padded sides adjust laterally for a custom fit
  • Will not interfere with residents ability to reach wheelchair hand rims
  • Wipes clean for easy care.

#706050 Adjustable Lateral Support Small/Petite Width adjusts from 8" to 12"

#706055 Adjustable Lateral Support Medium Width adjusts from 12" to 18"

#706059 Adjustable Lateral Support Large/Bariatric Width adjusts from 16" to 24"

  • Comfortable support for leaning residents
  • Foam padded, rigid side wings attach easily to most wheelchairs
  • Covered with durable wipe clean vinyl
  • X-Tra support side wings include armrest pads for additional stability & comfort
  • Supplied in Pairs

#706320 Wheelchair Side Wings - Standard Support

Wheelchair Side Wings

  • Helps lateral leaning residents sit erect in wheelchair
  • Contoured plastic frame may be customised to meet resident's needs
  • Restraint free design uses no restrictive straps or belts
  • Covered in durable wipe clean vinyl

#702220 Lateral Support Orthosis 24" High Backrest, 15" Wide

Lateral Support Orthosis

  • Controls lateral leaning in any armrest chair
  • Fills in gap between resident & armrest
  • Effective for promoting proper sitting posture
  • Foam padded for resident comfort
  • Covered in durable wipe clean vinyl
  • Provided hip guide for pelvic alignment
  • Can be used on either side of wheelchair

#706309 Snug Support 16"L (Front) x 15"H (Back) x 1.5" Thick

Snug Support

  • Converts a standard armrest to a stable platform
  • Trough stabilises arm when resting on wheelchair armrest
  • Helps stabilise upper trunk through added support
  • Can be used on either side of wheelchair
  • Conveniently slips onto armrest without straps
  • Covered in low-shear stretch wipe clean cover
  • Available with a gel pad for additional pressure relief

#914220 Lateral Stabiliser Arm Trough with Gel Pad

Lateral Stabiliser Arm Trough

  • Cushions and positions resident's head
  • Can be used for all high-back wheelchairs, geri-chairs, and recliners
  • Foam support provides cushioned comfort
  • Polyester cover removes for easy laundering3" depth

#703115 Standard Headrest (3"deep)

Headrest - Standard

  • Universal, adjustable thickness support
  • Removable foam pad converts lumbar support to either a 2" or 3" thickness
  • Easily attaches to any chair with a quick release belt attachment
  • Full 17" long and 8" highLow-Shear II wipe-clean outer cover reduces skin damaging friction
  • Non-skid back to ensure proper positioning

#706365 Modular Lumbar Support (2" and 3" thick)

Lumbar Support (Modular)

  • Controls lateral leaning in wheelchair or geri-chair
  • Vertical support stabilizes torso
  • Foam-cushioned armrest trough supports arm
  • May be used on left or right side
  • Low-Shear II wipe-clean outer cover reduces skin damaging friction
  • Gel pad insertRigid insert maintains strong support

#914210 Lateral Body Support

Lateral Body Support with Gel Insert

  • More comfortable transfer belt when assisting in resident ambulation
  • Full 4" width for added comfort, pressure distribution and reduced friction
  • Three fixed handles and two sliding handles that assure optimal handle location
  • High strength, non-slip, slide lock buckle
  • Elongated 5' length that also fits most bariatric residents

#252203 Transfer Belt with Handles

Transfer Belt with Adjustable Handles


"When the skeletal system demonstrates lateral leaning, trunk rounding or rotation, the internal organs and other structures may be negatively effected. Oral/facial structures may be asymmetrical, resulting in reducing food intake at all phases, with poor digestive results and the potential for aspiration and swallowing difficulties.”

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