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Key Benefits

Feel better faster with Post Op Panty!

Post-Op Panty is the only post operative recovery panty with anatomic compression plus FDA-approved medical grade silicone. Post-Op Panty helps speed hysterectomy recovery by providing anatomic compression over the incision to reduce abdominal swelling and increase comfort. Post-Op Panty also reduces scarring with its patented medical grade silicone panel over the incision. Pull on and go professional scar care. No messy gels or creams needed.

Post Op Panty Products

Supports & Slims

  • Anatomic compression increases comfort, decreases swelling + bloating.
  • Supports incision without the all around constriction of support panties or binders.
  • Increases comfort + mobility after abdominal surgery.
  • Provides additional support to muscles weakened from surgery.
  • Comfortable fluted waistband will not cut or dig into tender tummy.
  • Instantly slims from bra line to hips

Reduces Scarring

  • Interior silicone panel hydrates incision reducing itching + burning.
  • Silicone is only FDA-approved material + doctor recommended to reduce scars.
  • Silicone restores skin to a more natural texture and color.
  • Makes scar less noticeable.

Silicone is the only FDA approved material to treat scars. Post-Op Panty's interior silicone panel is exclusively designed to cover the surgical incision. Medical grade silicone maintains moisture content around the incision addressing acarring and its symptoms such as redness, itching and burning.

Post-Op Panty use may begin at initial dressing change with modifications (covering silicone with a pad or panty liner) until wound closure. Edema and low grade inflamation persists post-operatively throughout the proliferative stage of wound healing, up to 3 months. Scar maturation will continue up to 12 months and continued silicone scar therapy helps restore skin to a more natural color and texture. Keloid or hypertrophic scars may benefit from longer use.

Post-Op Panty Classic Waist Panty on post-operative patient two days after surgery.1 cm less swelling when wearing Post-Op Panty.

Post Op Panty speeds recovery after hysterectomy so you can feel better faster and get back to your life. Post Op Panty is available in 3 styles to meet each stage of your hysterectomy or lower abdominal surgery recovery.

Post-surgical compression is recommended to support weakened tissue and control swelling after hysterectomy or lower abdominal surgery. Post-Op Panty is the only post operative recovery panty with anatomic compression plus medical grade silicone.

Post-Op Panty's anatomic compression is focused peri-incisionally to reduce swelling, sensitivity and tenderness. The Post-Op Panty High Waist style offers added abdominal support for weakened tissue and addresses third space fluid collection. Unlike abdominal binders, Post-Op Panty addresses the incision area without blocking hip motion and provides consistent, low-grade support to best address surgical recovery.

The only hysterectomy recovery panty to reduce pain, swelling & scarring.

The most common type of surgical procedure for hysterectomy is known as a total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH). In TAH the incision (cut) is made in the abdominal wall in order to gain access to the uterus. The uterus may alternatively be removed through an incision made within the vagina (vaginal hysterectomy) if the uterus is not overly large or when examination of the adjacent organs is not necessary. Both TAH and vaginal hysterectomy require several days of hospitalization and weeks of recovery time.

The third type of hysterectomy is a laparoscopic hysterectomy where a thin, telescope-like instrument called a laparoscope, along with small surgical instruments, are inserted into the abdomen through 3 to 4 tiny incisions, to remove the uterus. Because laparoscopic hysterectomy does not require the surgeon to make a large abdominal incision, it's a less invasive procedure than traditional methods of hysterectomy. In a laparoscopic hysterectomy, the cervix, the bottom part of the uterus, may be left intact.

Types of Hysterectomy Surgeries

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"After many abdominal surgeries I decided to give these a try. While they seem a tad pricey please don't let the price stop you, they are worth every penny and maybe more. The panties were so comfortable and gave such support that I was able to stop taking my pain meds and ordered 2 additional pairs the next day. If you are scheduled for any type of abdominal surgery, order a pair of these wonderful panties, you will not regret it!”

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