Safety Alarm Types

  • Two buzzer tones
  • Two music tones
  • Cable strain relief
  • Bumpers
  • Mountable
  • One year guarantee

Simply connect the MultiPro alarm unit to any of the sensors below to monitor fall-risk residents. The alarm includes:

  • Auto- Reset
  • Indicator light
  • Battery test
  • Low battery indicator
  • Batteries included
  • High / low volume

Multi Pro Safety Alarm Unit

  • Eliminates sensor strips and clothing clips
  • Nylon belt has easy release buckle for restraint free care
  • Alarm sounds when buckle is released
  • Automatically re-sets when buckle is secured
  • Secures to standard wheelchairs with existing seat screws
  • Reinforced attachment holes
  • 70" Long
  • Requires 1 x MultiPro alarm unit.
  • #909394 Seat belt with buckle sensor

Seat Belt With Buckle Sensor

  • Under seat sensor is protected against incontinence and wear
  • Alarm activates when resident rises
  • Automatically resets when resident sits
  • Sensor stays in place to reduce false alarms
  • Equally effective with or without cushion
  • Under seat placement deters tampering
  • Easily removed when power washing the chair
  • Requires 1 x MultiPro alarm unit.
  • #909391 Under seat sensor Fits 18"-22" wheelchairs

Under Seat Sensor

  • Monitors movements of seated residents
  • Alarm activates if resident leaves or falls from the chair
  • Durable heat sealed construction
  • Requires 1 x MultiPro alarm unit.
  • #909358 Sensor pad only 7" x 15".
  • 1 Years Guarantee

Chair Sensor Pads

  • Sensor is protected in vinyl pocket beneath levelling pad
  • Alarm immedietly activates when resident rises
  • Vinyl covered levelling pad eliminates sling-seat hammocking
  • Wheelchair cushion required (sold separately)
  • Requires 1 x MultiPro alarm unit.
  • #909535 Levelling pad sensor Fits 16" - 18" wheelchairs
  • #909389 Replacement sensor pad

Levelling Pad & Sensor

  • Sensor is under mattress & protected against incontinence
  • Weight of mattress keeps sensor pad in place to reduce false alarms
  • No sensor pad on mattress to compromise pressure relief or comfort
  • Can also be used above mattress
  • Requires 1 x MultiPro alarm unit.
  • #909403 Sensor pad only 20" x 30"
  • 1 Years Guarantee

Under Mattress Sensor Pads

  • Affordable alarm secures to most chairs
  • Secures to wheelchairs, geri-chairs and lounge chairs
  • Reliable multidirectional magnetic pull-switch
  • Adjustable-length cord clips to resident's clothing
  • Comes with a Velcro strap for attachment to most chairs
  • Battery operated (batteries included)
  • #909207 Econo Alarm

Econo Alarm

This magnetic door alarm reduces unauthorised exits and entrances by visual and audio alerts.

  • Important part of restraint reduction program
  • Directs confused residents away from off-limits areas
  • Secures to door frames by means of Velcro
  • Includes alarm unit and battery
  • #909217 Stop Strip Alarm

Econo Alarm

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